Backup as a Service

The ability to restore critical business data in the event of human error, hardware or software failure or security breach is directly related to the quality of backup.  Recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs) can only be achieved if backup is properly executed, an increasingly complex task as IT resources become more distributed across multiple public and private cloud environments.

How We Help

  • Design and build of a secure backup and recovery service in line with your RPOs and RTOs

  • Continuous data protection with almost real-time capture of production data

  • Cloud-based backup from anywhere across multiple platforms

  • Agentless cloud backup which is less resource intensive

  • De-duplication with advanced compression to minimise storage and speed recovery

  • Data protection with encryption in motion and at rest

  • Automatic, intelligent failover with load balancing across workloads

  • Integration with our Disaster Recovery as a Service providing a more holistic approach to data protection

How You Benefit

  • Clearly defined SLAs on data backup and recovery in line with business tolerance

  • Confidence that your data can be recovered in full at any time

  • Efficient use of your bandwidth thanks to incremental backups and advanced compression

  • Adherence to good corporate governance in line with backup best practices

Our Partners