The CTI Global team consists of some of the most remarkable and respected technologists and business professionals.  We are pleased to introduce you to Rich Guida and the amazing accomplishments he has achieved in his illustrious career.

Rich Guida has over 45 years of professional experience covering information security and related fields. Rich spent 25 years in the Department of the Navy where he was responsible for the technical, regulatory, environmental and security aspects of nuclear propulsion aboard U.S. Navy submarines and aircraft carriers. He was appointed to the Federal Senior Executive Service in 1989 and received a Presidential Meritorious Rank award in 1996.

Rich left government service in 2001 to join Johnson & Johnson as Vice President, Worldwide Information Security (the J&J Chief Information Security Officer). During his time at Johnson & Johnson, Rich was responsible for information security across the entire J&J enterprise, including implementing a large scale privately-rooted Public Key Infrastructure that comprised over 90,000 subscribers, and working closely with the J&J Law Department to ensure compliance with Federal and state privacy laws and regulations (notably the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act – HIPAA) regarding patient data.

Rich has extensive experience working for clients in the pharmaceutical, medical device, retail, and telecommunications sectors, and for a Federal agency.  CTI Global is excited about the significant contribution Rich brings to the CTI Global team and to those organizations he serves.