Next Generation Firewalls

CTI Global view the deployment of next generation firewall technology as a key tool in the war against cyber threats and the attempted interception of data across multiple end-points.

How We Help

  • Dynamically follow and protect data, users and the integrity of application data as they move between IoT, smart devices and cloud environments throughout the entire network

  • Security information and event management (SIEM) including 24×7 security event and monitoring analysis, incident reporting and maintenance of correlation rules and signatures

  • Vulnerability management with ongoing proactive assessment of your security posture

  • AV scanning of files and emails, intrusion prevention, bot-net detection, enhanced ransomware protection and application control

  • DDoS protection which prevents malicious traffic while continuing to allow ‘clean’ traffic for legitimate website visitors

  • Day-to-day configuration and ongoing maintenance of your firewalls with 24/7 monitoring, firmware and patch updates, subscription renewals and hardware failure and replacement

How You Benefit

  • Enhance the security of your IT infrastructure with policy-based access enforcement

  • Mitigate risk associated with the complexity of modern cyber-attacks and advanced hacking methodologies

  • Reduce complexity and increase traffic throughput through unified threat management and single device deployment

  • Enforce granular security policy right down to application level

  • Free up valuable IT resources for projects of more strategic business value

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